Year 2022
Concept, Design, Animation, Prototyping, Production

The project „Data Dump“ addresses the resource consumption of digital data waste. Due to seemingly infinite space in cloud storage and for convenience, data is kept. In a speculative approach, it is proposed to translate deleted data to a physical landfill.

Data Sculpture
Datenmüll Data Sculpture Data Trash
phyical data sculture

In the process, an artificial intelligence is to select which data is deleted and which is not. Deleted data is manifested in a dynamic, physical data visualization based on various parameters.

This interface between the digital and the physical world is intended to make a haptic perception of data tangible and enable emotional access. The metaphor to analog garbage recurs to the social construction of the valuable and opens a new discourse on our overall social awareness of resource-using data storage.

Data Dump Justus Jäger
data dump milling
physical data sculture milling
manual layout editorial
data visualization booklet manual
visual complexity
data visualisation visual complexity
Data Dump Justus Jäger

As part of the annual DHBW Mediadesign „Werkschau“ in September 2022, Data Dump was presented in the Kunstmuseum Ravensburg (Art Museum of Ravensburg).

In the context of the media design
studies at the Duale Hochschule
Baden- Württemberg Ravensburg.

Mentoring lecturers:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Birk
Betty Schimmelpfennig
Shoko Hara
Paul Brenner

visual complexity